Data Engineering

Saving Bank with Cloud Workflows

Optimize orchestration with Cloud Workflows.

Slots to the (Wallet) Rescue

How to save more than 17x in query cost.

BigQuery Authorized Views with Terraform

Define and manage BigQuery authorized views in Terraform.

Real-Time data delivery at scale with BigQuery

Leveraging BigQuery authorized views for fun and profit to deliver real-time data delivery as scale.

Time Travel with BigQuery

How to use BigQuery superpowers to rewind time.

Serverless S3 Access Logs Analytics using BigQuery

Configuring a Serverless and full-managed system to analyze S3 access logs using BigQuery.

BigQuery Geography Clustering

Improve your geospatial analytics performance in minutes.

BigQuery Partitioning & Clustering

Improving performance at a fraction of the cost.

BigQuery Wildcards

Managing massive datasets using wildcards.

A Journey Through Big Data Using Google BigQuery

BigQuery Back in the early days of Huq we were ingesting a just few millions records per day into our geo-behavioural insights platform. Today that figure is in the hundreds of millions.